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Children's rights


Section 6


(1) The child has the right to be educated in his or her own family environment, which ensures physical, mental, emotional and moral development and well-being.


(2) The child has the right to receive assistance in his / her own family, in the development of his or her personality, in the elimination of a threat to his or her development, in his / her integration into society, and in the creation of his or her independent life.


(3) A child with a disability who is permanently ill shall have the right to special care to support his or her development and personality.


(4) The child has the right to protection against harmful environmental and social impacts and to the harmful effects on his health.


(5) The child has the right to respect for his or her human dignity, to abuse - physical, sexual or psychological violence - to neglect and to harm information.


Diablo The child has the right to access non-violent programs that protect the values ​​of the Hungarian language and culture in a manner appropriate to their level of development in the public service media.


Section 7


(1) A child may be separated from his or her parents or other relatives only in his or her own circumstances, in the cases and in the manner prescribed by law. The child should not be separated from his / her family solely because of the risk of material injury.


(2) The child has the right - in an adoptive family or other form of care for the family - to provide protection for the care of the parents or other relatives.


(3) In the context of child protection, respect for freedom of conscience and religion shall be respected and nationality, ethnic and cultural affiliation shall be taken into account.


(4) The child has the right to know his or her origin, blood family and contact.


(5) The child has the right to maintain contact with both parents even if the parents live in different states.


Section 8


1. A child has the right to freedom of expression and to be informed of his or her rights, of exercising his or her rights and of being able to be heard directly or otherwise in all matters concerning his or her personal and property, and having regard to his or her age, state of health and level of development. taken into account.


(2) The child has the right to lodge a complaint in the matters covered by this Act in matters concerning him.


(3) A child has the right to initiate proceedings before a court and other bodies specified by law in the event of a violation of his or her fundamental rights.


Section 9


(1) The right of a child in temporary or permanent education, in particular, in accordance with his or her age, state of health, level of development and other needs.


(a) receive appropriate education, education, taking into account nationality, ethnicity and religion, full-time care, stability, emotional security,


b) change the place of care, initiate the placement with his brothers,


c) participate in catching-up, talent development programs and leisure activities of interest;


(d) freely choose, declare and exercise his or her convictions of religion or belief and participate in religious and religious education;


(e) to give an opinion on the education, training, care and personal questions it is given to him, to be informed;


f) initiate the establishment of a children's council to represent its interests,


(g) receive support from his / her caregiver, legal representative and return to his / her family environment;


h) initiate a return to his / her family environment,


i) care for your personal relationships,


j) receive aftercare.


(2) If the exercise of the right under paragraph (1) (i) adversely affects the child's personality development, the right of contact of the parent or other close liaison person may be restricted, suspended or suspended as provided in this Act.