"A megalázottak kitűnő színészekké válnak...Muszáj nekik... Az életük tele van fájdalommal és szégyennel, de úgy tesznek, mintha nem lenne semmi baj. Ez a legnagyobb alakításuk..." Pintér Marianna Manka


I was born in 1978, as the fourth child in a family of five.

My mother did not want me while she was pregnant with me. This sad situation was a big influence on my childhood.

As a child I was suffering from abuse of every kind like bodily, physical and sexual abuse also. Back in those days as a small child I could not ask for help from anyone... the neighborhood, the guardian, the school staff and the other members of the family knew everything about my situation but after my seventh birthday nobody did anything about this situation.

I was living at home until my eighteen's birthday and after it I was put on the street. My first thought was to commit suicide, but I knew that I am stronger than this.

After my eighteen’s birthday there were a couple of years while I couldn’t place myself in this world. I did not know what to do with my life, with the people, the love but most importantly with myself. As a child I always blamed myself for everything but on a day, I realized that I was the victim of very serious circumstances. There was a part in my life while I was healing my soul myself, I wanted to be regretted by the whole world. Then one of my friends woke me up, saying: “You have to stop blaming yourself, cause this way you just push yourself deeper to the dirt, the situation what you have already.”

Back in those days these words were hurting me deeply. I realized she was right after thinking on it for several weeks. I am more valuable than that, as my past will not determine my future back to the dirt! I was asking myself several times: why had it happened to me? This question kept me in the dirt for a long time because I never get an answer.

In 2009 my blog was born. I wrote my story as a draft. My plan was to tell it everybody. I did not even think that anyone was seeing it. I was not expecting that at all. Then suddenly the people started to looking at it and audience grew fast. There were people who wrote messages and told about their stories. I realized at those days that here is a huge problem. I realized why these bad things happened to me as a child: To help as an adult!

Then a magazine asked me to give an interview, after it an online website and the national broadcasting news radio. I accepted all the possibilities. But as anonym. I did not have the courage to send up to the crowd I was living in fear.

At the beginning of the year 2014 there were a big step: the HBO made a documentary with me. Making the movie took a whole year while I realized that I have no reason to fear. I have to take my real personality public to remain authentic. So, in September 2014 I accepted to film my first public interview which was a big success. Lots of people was searching for me. They told their stories. They called me to give lecture. I had calls from different media asking for advice. I believe that this is only the beginning of my journey I believe I will have lots of people and I also believe that many will join me.

It is a very sad thing that the family abuse is still a big taboo it is a shame to talk about. I am very sad that a lot of people keep their pain in themselves. I am really sorry about that child charity is at the beginning of its story, the abused children are left alone with their problems.

The goal of my life is to open up the ears, to pull the heads out of the dust, to make new solutions, h to provide the best help for the abused child, to open up the mouths and to free the souls. My other goal is to make a foundation to keep prevention lectures in schools and in kindergartens, in communities and of course the learning.

I do not want to hurt my family by making my story public but I think a story with true personality is more effective to the public and more reliable for everybody.

I hope that this whole story did not happen in vain

With love,

Mariann Pinter